Why You Should Look For More Than a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning is a lengthy process and one which can be very stressful, which is why it makes sense to use every tool at your disposal. Planning tools such as a wedding planning checklist will quickly become your best friend as you navigate your way towards the perfect wedding, but there is a lot more to planning a wedding than a simple checklist.

Most wedding planning checklist can be found for free in magazines, books and on the internet. Usually they will all follow the same format, so most brides will need to edit them to fit with their wedding plans. But if the checklist can be found for free, what else can you get for nothing to help you with your wedding planning?

Wedding Budget Planner – your wedding budget will control everything you want and everything you can have. So having a clearly itemized list of what you want and how much it will cost can save you from financial ruin before your married life has even begun!

Budget planners are simple and easy to use, but they do require you to do some research before you add up all the figures to give you overall budget. Usually they will come with a series of traditional essentials – ceremony costs, reception fees, catering, favors, stationery, wedding dress etc. Some will come pre-filled with average costs for each element to give you a guide and a second column which is blank for you to fill in the cost to you.

As you fill in the budget planner call around some vendors and wedding venues to get an idea of costs. Do some research on the internet as well. Make sure your figures are realistic or you could end up with a real headache the closer you get to your wedding day.

Wedding Planning Guide – there are so many free planning guides available on the internet to download. Try to pick one from a reputable source to give you the best advice. You could download several but you could end up with information overload and lots of conflicting advice!

A wedding planning guide is an essential tool, particularly when you first get started. Whether you know lots or nothing about planning a party on this scale, planning guides can still give you lots of hints, tips and advice which you may not have considered yourself!

When looking for free planning tools try to get from reputable source. Magazines are great but often churn out the same article over and over again. There are literally hundreds of wedding websites out there but only handful can really offer you good, sound advice from people in the know.

A Good Wedding Plan – The First Step to Your Magical Day

A good wedding plan is vital for any couple who is engaged to get married. One of the first things you should do is sit down and make a list of everything you both want in your wedding and reception. You should try to list everything in the order in which it needs to be done, since some items may have to be planned months in advance!

There are dozens of things that have to happen in a certain sequence, to insure that your wedding day goes smoothly. For example, minister, flowers, photographer, invitations, wedding cake, reception, caterer, music, tuxedo rental, wedding dress….. When do you order each item? When do you reserve the reception hall? The caterer? The photographer?

If you can not afford a wedding planner, (And who can, in this tight economy!) you might consider buying a good wedding planning guide. Not only will it show you the proper order to do things, a good guide will have many ideas and tips that will save you time, money and stress!

A wedding planning guide also helps lead you logically through what is usually a very emotional and stressful time. Often, vendors try to take advantage of brides-to-be, because they know that the bride is likely thinking with her heart and wants every detail to be perfect. A good guide will show you how to negotiate with these people and get the deal that is best for you. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

With a good wedding plan, you will be all smiles on your magical day! By following your well thought out plan, you will not be fretting about what you may have forgotten. Save the stress for things AFTER your wedding, like what happens to your luggage on your honeymoon! (Sorry, I can not help you there…)

Sourcing a Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding planning checklist is one of those crucial planning tools that no bride should be without. They offer every bride a guide to what they need to organize for their big day, whilst showing when they should be doing it in relation to their wedding date and their planning time frame.

You should never have to pay for a wedding planning checklist, unless of course your wedding is of such a unique nature you need to ask a professional to design one tailor made to fit. There are some many sources available for free checklists that you will find yourself spoil for choice!

Firstly check out the ones printed in your bridal magazines. Some are better than others, some more comprehensive than others. Most bridal magazines will run a wedding planning special feature every few months so it is worth looking out for those issues to offer you not only the checklist but plenty of useful tips and advice too.

The only downside with magazine checklists is that you will need to cut them out to use them and magazine paper is not all that resilient! Rather than destroy your magazine and end up with a checklist that looks like the dog has been chewing it, copy it onto your computer and print it out. Having a version on your computer will also allow you to edit it to fit with your wedding plans both at the start and during your planning.

There are many books available on the subject of wedding planning and if your wedding is very large and with a big budget I would recommend purchasing one to help you. These books will often have various checklists included within them and they are usually very detailed and very comprehensive. These are probably the best kind of checklists and although not technically free, they are unlikely to leave anything out which is vital to your day.

Wedding websites are ten a penny and most will offer articles and checklists for you to print off. Be careful about which sites you trust though, they are not all the same and you may find advice conflicting from site to site. Stick to the big sites and look for those that offer you free wedding planning guides when you register with them. This is usually a case of just entering your email address and you will often receive an E-Book on wedding planning which will include a wedding planning checklist and an all important budget planner!

In most cases you will need to edit any wedding planning checklist to fit with your wedding plans and time frame. However, it is well worth taking sometime to do this and to have a copy saved on your computer should you need to print more out or edit it at a later date.

Wedding Planning Sites

What wedding planning sites are important to visit for the bride and the groom-to-be, and for everyone else involved in the wedding planning? There are numerous online resources offering tons of information about everything regarding planning a wedding. Which ones of them are vital?

First, if you are just starting to plan a wedding, it might be a good idea to locate a website with a free or paid wedding planning guide. What’s good about any wedding planning guide is that it has a sequential layout, helping you learn what happens when. If you do not start your journey with such a guide, it’s easy to get lost on your way due to loads of available information.

The next important segment of wedding planning sites is chats and forums. This is the place where you can obtain priceless information from real people. It’s usually very easy to spot if someone is just speaking their mind, or if they are trying to promote some product or service. Generally, if you see a message with no promotional links, it’s most likely a genuine post. Furthermore, real people share their good and bad experiences about various vendors and wedding service providers, so you will know exactly what to expect.

On the forums, you can also ask questions or read answers from other users. For example, are you looking to plan a quiet wedding on a small budget? You can find precisely that information for planning this type of a wedding. Are you interested in a beach wedding? You’ll get that info too. Are you looking into organizing a very special and unique wedding? This information you will also find on any large wedding forum.

Online wedding planning tools are also extremely important. Many of these tools are free, and even do not require to be downloaded. Once you sign up at their website, you can enter your password-protected area and browse through a detailed step-by-step wedding planning application. Once you enter the details of your wedding (guest lists, estimated budget, the date of your wedding, etc.), the tool will generate numerous helpful reports that you can also print out for future use.

There also are directories with any imaginable wedding products and services. These include directories with: wedding dresses, tuxedos, wedding rings, bridal hairstyles, accessories, wedding cakes, cake toppings, and many more. All these directories state the prices of the products, and some also have the customers’ ratings and comments. Furthermore, there are directories of wedding services, including: wedding planners, ceremony locations, reception locations, wedding music services, photo and video services, florists, stylists, and many more.

The above and many other types of wedding planning sites will help you plan your own wedding that would conform to your desires, budget and life circumstances.

Wedding Planning on a Dime

So, your wedding is coming up but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. You want all the glitz and glamor of a superstar wedding but you’re not made of cash. Hey – we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Planning a wedding during a recession is no easy task. It seems like every involved with the big day costs and arm and a leg too.

There are some key tricks for getting things like wedding favors and DJs/bands very cheap. There’s an incredible wedding planning guide available that has been the secret of wedding planners for years. You can DIY when it comes to wedding planning on a dime. You shouldn’t give up on your lifelong dream of having a stunning ceremony just because we’re in hard economic times. Cheer up – there is a solution.

Getting prepared for a wedding can be completely overwhelming. There is so much to think about. The cost of a wedding can be a huge strain on your pocket. The cost of most weddings is simply unreal. If you are a bride considering getting a wedding planner, you may not have to. You can actually organize your own wedding. You can be the mastermind behind your own wedding. Planning a wedding on a shoestring budget does not mean it has to look wimpy. I’ve been to some beautiful weddings that didn’t cost very much. A superb wedding planner can get things for a wedding at very low prices.